- Documentation old A - Triank

Triank Documentation "old A" - Triank - Triangular - Polygon the pyramid with away rods

Original letter old A with two bars going away:

Documentation Triank Rune Triankrune altes A old A ancient A

The "old A"

The old A with away bars - after Dan Brown the lost symbol.

Notice attention!

marc-vale says - share it goodness so we can live well.
Different versions
my friend M. was tortured for 4 years
before you could tell me the symbol to be used in art.

It was deleted from the internet. Which is why the order in pyramid seemed overloaded.

Rune Triank - can also be called Three-X.


Download daytime portraits with the old A at

I call it triangular - TRIANK - the symbol of the wigwam - symbol of eternity for me happiness like the trinity.
The triangle with bars going away could also be called a tri-corner is a rune and was created before the circle as a closed symbol. It covers the XXX the eternal runes of the Celts - who as an open symbol do not allow the personification of the spirit for so long. It was the first closed symbol ever.
It is important that we remember it - otherwise we will be disenfranchised - I call it "TRIANK RUNE".

The lost symbol from Dan Brown's book. Spread it and see how it will make you happy.

Triank rune - For me, one staff stands for the female Holy Spirit (Urgunde Octave High) and the other staff above for the male (Octave Low) Holy Spirit when founded. It is said to bring good luck and has an eternity guarantee like the XXX.

So that humanity is always aware - we are in contact with the creators.
The Triank rune - a board - holy spirit in wbl. And mnl. - Hammer - Command - V-System - Angel hierarchies for the great pyramid at the top.
Otherwise it is bad the scattered pyramids in mass communication can seem like "crazy".

The triank rune

If the first closed symbol is not eternity - I go back to the eternal XXX stop. Because no symbol of unity I grant my time - then I whistle on this world and go back to the non-personification by not closed symbol.

Old A / triangular / TRIANK / polygon
Rumor has it that it is the Lucifer cross. It was also known as Trinity or the Trinity in a symbol. It is important to bring the sign back into consciousness - so that we remember that we were creators.

Below - the fame belongs to the people and companies on the site - which put the triank as a rune or the Lucifer cross for me, the lost symbol from Dan Brown's novel - back into operation. About half of this page - starting with Apple ...

Like the XXX, it also claims to be an eternal rune.
The founders were two - personified and free. The choice above and Trinity the triangle in the triangular. You didn't just want to wipe out all the wood but the corner - it's the third option - ECKERT-LANG-RUND.

Soon also in addition to wooden coins, 3D also as a coin. German

Triangular - Music German:
1. Triangulartechno
2. Triangular Exellent
3. Triangular Trilingual
4. Triangular Mood
5. Triangular Rap II
6. Wigwam-Rune Marsch
7. Die gro▀e Pyramide guess who┤s Back

HELP out Please for Triank-Rune - Images of Triank-Rune in Wood- Arts and so on

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